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Q & A

How come that your prices our cheaper than others while your products are very high quality?

We are the Manufacturer and the Wholesaler. We make all our products by ourselves, sell directly to our customer and wholesale to other retailers, so when you buy directly from us, the prices are missing the FAT Retail Margin.

Lounges Q & A:

What materials are used to build the lounges and sofas?

Please visit our construction page to view detailed information about the materials used to build our lounges and sofas.

Do you custom make lounges and sofas?

Most of our lounges and sofas are made to order. This means that you can order as many seats and/or any other modules to be added to your lounge to suit your room. Depending on the model, more options, add-ons and upgrades are available to choose from to design the lounge / sofa of your dreams. Please contact us for more information.

How do i care for my lounge / sofa?


  • Make sure that your lounge / sofa is away from food preparation area, heaters, fire places, firepits and direct sunlight to avoid gradual daily fading, discolouration and damage to your furniture.
  • In case of moving your sofa, don’t try to carry or lift it by the soft padding (cushion) sewn to the armrest or move your sofa by dragging it around. The best way is to lift it from the base.
  • Do you occasionally sit on your sofa’s armrests? If so, stop! The armrests or your lounge/sofa are not designed to support a human’s bodyweight.
  • Do not allow children to jump on your lounge / sofa.
  • Try not to sit too far forward on your seat cushions. Sit back and distribute your weight evenly to stop creases from forming in the leather or fabric upholstery.


  • Vacuum Thoroughly.
  • Spot Clean Where Necessary.
  • Alternate Your Choice of Seat.
  • Get Your Lounge / Sofa Professionally Cleaned.
  • Be Careful With Pets.


Weekly Care:

Vacuum once a week. Wipe over the lounge once a week with a chamois dampened in water.

Quarterly Care (3 months):

It is recommended to apply an industry approved leather care kit every 3 months, depending on the environment the lounge in.

To read more about our care instructions, please visit care page

Mattresses Q & A:

What are the standard dimensions of the mattresses?

All Sydney Furniture Direct Mattresses are made to Australian standard sizes as below: (Width x Length – in cm)

  • Single – 92 x 188
  • King single – 106 x 203
  • Double – 137 x 188
  • Queen – 153 x 203
  • King – 183 x 203

What type of base suits our mattresses?

Our mattresses are designed for a slat or platform base. Please ensure that slats are no more than 8cm apart, and are at least 9cm wide.

On some bed frames we recommend using a centre rail or support for Double, Queen and King size mattresses.

Note: when using a “posture slat” or an old base, you may experience sagging in the middle as a result of the base. Always keep in mind that the mattress will follow the contour of the base.

What materials are used in our mattresses?

We only use all new quality materials to produce our products. These include but not limited to:

  • Moisture resistance springs – reduces the chance of rust.
  • High density foams – provides lasting resilience and support.
  • Edge supports – increases the usable sleeping surface of the mattress.
  • Quality ticking – ensures a durable sleeping surface.

How do I care for my mattress?


It is imperative to keep your mattress hygienic by using a mattress protector. This will help prevent the mattress from absorbing bodily fluids, and provides a removable surface that you can regularly wash. 

As far as the mattress surface goes, a regular low suction vacuum is sufficient.

NOTE: If your mattress has handles, these are only for positioning and are not designed to hold the entire weight of the mattress.

Non-Pillow Top Double Sided Mattress: 

Turning (end to end and flipping over) your mattress regularly will ensure that your mattress experiences even wear. When new, we recommend turning your mattress every 2 weeks for the first 4 months, then every 3 months thereafter.

Pillow Top Mattress: 

It is not necessary to flip over a pillow top mattress as they have what is called “no turn technology.”

When new, we recommend turning your pillow top from end to end every 2 weeks for the first 4 months, then every 3 months thereafter.

What is a “sleep impression”?

You may notice an indentation in the surface of your mattress, especially just after exiting the bed. This is called a sleep impression. This is the comfort and support layers conforming to your body shape to provide the best support. This not a manufacturing defect.

Do you offer Delivery?


We offer a convenient Free of Charge mattress, mattress base and bed frames delivery service to Sydney Metro areas (our interpretation.

For lounges and sofas, delivery & installation service is available from just $70.

Our delivery and installation service is available to the following areas:

  • Sydney (including Penrith, Campbelltown, Richmond, Hills District).
  • Blue mountains (up to Katoomba).
  • Wollongong- Central Coast – New Castle.
For more information about delivery to your area, visit our Delivery Info page, enter your postcode and click ‘Check Now’

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