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Colorado electric recliner chair main photo

Colorado Electric Recliner Chair in Fabric

$1,640.00 $1,148.00

Grantham Recliner Chair in Full Leather

$1,413.00 $899.00
Grantham recliner chair - main

Austin Recliner Chair in Full Thick Leather

$942.00 $659.00

Austin recliner chair (manual) in 100% Full Thick Leather (Cow Hide) is $659. Order now or visit our showroom to try and discuss more details.

Please contact us for add-ons, upgrades or more configurations. Scroll down to view the dimensions and large colour photos.

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Austin recliner chair (manual) in 100% Full Thick Leather (Cow Hide) is $659.

Introducing the Austin Recliner Chair – the perfect addition to your living space! This cozy and comfortable chair is designed for ultimate relaxation, whether you’re reading a book, watching TV or taking a nap.

This compact recliner chair is designed to fit into any space, making it an excellent choice for small apartments or cosy dens. With its manual reclining mechanism, you can easily adjust the chair to your desired angle, ensuring maximum comfort.

For added convenience, the Austin Recliner Chair is also available in an electric version. With just the push of a button, you can effortlessly recline the chair to your desired position, making it an excellent choice for those with mobility issues or simply looking for a hassle-free reclining experience.

Crafted with high-quality materials and a sturdy frame, the Austin Recliner Chair is built to last. It features a plush and comfortable seat, backrest, and armrests, ensuring that you can relax in style and comfort for hours on end.

So whether you prefer a manual or electric reclining experience, the Austin Recliner Chair is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and compact chair that will stand the test of time.

Options and Add-Ons to Austin Recliner Chair:

Manual Recliner Chair

Our manual standard recliner chairs can elevate your legs & feet and allow the back to be reclined anywhere from the upright position to almost a lying down position.


Electric/Powered Recliner Chair

This option adds a German-designed electric motor to drive the recliner. Absolutely no effort is required to open or close the recliner and gives the occupant the ability to stop the footrest or back in any position and hold it there. 1 power socket will be required.

**Note: cannot be used with swivel or rocker options due to power cables.

Swivel Base

Add the ability to swivel/spin the recliner 360 degrees. Keep in mind, extra space will be required around the recliner chair.


Converts the recliner chair into a Rocking/Gliding recliner. When the recliner is in the closed position, the occupant can rock/glide. Once reclined this option is limited.

Swivel & Rocker

Allows the Recliner chair to Swivel/Spin 360 degrees and Rock from front to back while in the closed position. Once reclined, the recliner can still swivel but rocking is limited.

Upholstery Options

The Austin recliner chair can, also, be made in the following other upholstery options which are available for our lounges:

  • Full 100% Leather (Cow Hide).
  • Leather where it counts (5 popular colours).
  • Quality fabrics.

Visit our showroom to view the full range of our upholstery options.

Austin Recliner Chair Features

  • The Austin recliner chair can be made as (3 seater, 2 seater and/or single chair). It also can be made in any number of seats (4 seater, 5 seater,…).
  • Compact design.
  • High back.
  • Padded arms.
  • Recliners are manual by default.
  • Electric recliners upgrade is available for total comfort.
  • Incliner mechanisms (Wall saving); a small gap of approximately 10 cm is required to fully recline.
  • We only use Okin-branded motors for electric recliners which feature German technology.

Full Thick Leather Colours

Click on the colours to enlarge.

Ecru sx-02
ECRU (SX-02)
light grey sx-13
Raisin sx-10
steel sx-09

black matte (B61-Matte)



The Austin Recliner Chair dimensions:

Austin recliner chair dimensions

Austin recliner chair - side view dimensions

Contact us for any configurations or questions.

**All measurements are approximate and not guaranteed to be exact.


  • Ten (10) years structural warranty (timber frame).
  • Ten (10) years support warranty (springs/webbing/seat foam).
  • Three (3) years recliner mechanism warranty.
  • One (1) year upholstery warranty (leather/fabric/stitching).
  • One (1) year recliner components warranty (trigger/lever including cable).
  • One (1) year electric recliner components warranty (all electric components).

Our warranty is against manufacturing defects. Visit our warranty page for more information.

Lead Times, Availability & Delivery Information

We offer a wide variety of options (upholstery, finish, number of seats,…). In other words, for some of our models, the configurations and options are unlimited.  Because our clients vary in their choices of colours and configurations, as a result, it is not possible to keep all options in stock and hence all our lounges are made to order.

This product is made to order. please, be sure to contact us for the current lead time.

our delivery and installation service is available in the following areas:

  • Sydney (including Penrith, Campbelltown, Richmond, and Hills District).
  • Blue mountains (up to Katoomba).
  • Wollongong- Central Coast – New Castle.

Visit our showroom

If you can’t find what you are looking for, Visit our showroom. We are confident that we can find a model to suit your requirements.

Try our display models, discuss more configurations and options and view our full range of upholstery options at our showroom at Unit 3, 4 Alfred Road, Chipping Norton NSW 2170.

Our expert team will help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

For questions and enquiries, please contact us.

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Why Sydney Furniture Direct?

Simply, because we manufacture all our products. Accordingly, we control the quality of our products. In addition, we bypass all middlemen and big retail margins. Therefore, our customers receive the best quality products at genuine factory direct prices along with big real savings.

Don’t waste your time, contact us today.


Sydney Furniture Direct lounges are covered by a 10 Year Limited Warranty as below:

Frame / Structure Timber Framing Ten (10) Years
Support Springs & Webbing Ten (10) Years
Cushioning Seat Foam Ten (10) Years
Recliner Mechanism Reclining Action Metal Frame Three (3) Years
Recliner Components Trigger/Lever including cable Twelve (12) Months
Power Recliner Motor and all Electrical parts Twelve (12) Months
Upholstery Fabric or Leather and stitching Twelve (12) Months
Sofa Bed Mechanism / Mattress Twelve (12) Months


**All ex-display or discounted stock is sold with a limited 12 month warranty on all lounge components, which does not cover any defect(s)/issue(s) that are visible or specified at the time of purchase.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You must look after your lounge. Vacuuming the fabric or cleaning and protecting the leather will keep your Comfort Living lounge looking great for years to come. 
  • Soft back cushions will change shape overtime with use (like the pillow you might sleep on). Once a week we recommend plumping up the back cushions so the filling does not compress.
  • Recliners are not toys. Don't let kids operate them without strict supervision. Powered/Electric recliners should not be continuously operated. We recommend turning them off while not in use.
  • Recliner mechanisms and seats are warranted for an occupant weight up to 110kgs.
  • Retain your original order & delivery docket as proof of purchase.


All Mattress products are covered by a Factory Warranty

Warranty durations vary on mattresses, mattress bases and bedframes. Please see the individual mattress, mattress base or bedframe for the warranty duration. The warranty covers manufacturing defects. Mattresses must be in a sanitary, unstained condition to retain their warranty; hence we highly recommend the use of a good quality mattress protector.

A few things to keep in mind:

Mattress warranties apply so long as the mattress is in a hygienic state and has been rotated every 2 weeks for the first 3 months and then every 3 months thereafter.

The following is not covered under warranty:

  • Natural wear and tear: if the problem with the mattress comes about from its use rather than from faulty construction or materials. This includes natural weakening of materials, scuffs, scratches, discoloration of the cover (from use or washing), or minor dips, lumps or bunching.
  • User-inflicted damage: if you accidentally rip your mattress or cause damage to it in regular use or in moving it. This also includes damage that might be inflicted by a pet or by a child jumping on the mattress,. Etc.
  • Dissatisfaction with size, feel, comfort or performance of the mattress:  the performance of the mattress from the perspective of support or comfort or any issues related to the size or height of the mattress, whether it sleeps hot, whether it permits too much motion transfer, whether it is not comfortable or causes backpain,. Etc.
  • Body Signature: All mattresses will exhibit body signatures as the mattress upholstery conforms to the body to provide cushioning and comfort. This is not a defect covered by warranty.

To read more about how to maintain your product, visit our care page

We offer a convenient Free of Charge mattress, mattress base and bed frames delivery service to Sydney Metro areas (our interpretation.

For lounges and sofas, delivery & installation service is available from just $70.

Our delivery and installation service is available to the following areas:

  • Sydney (including Penrith, Campbelltown, Richmond, Hills District).
  • Blue mountains (up to Katoomba).
  • Wollongong- Central Coast – New Castle.
For more information about delivery to your area, visit our Delivery Info page, enter your postcode and click 'Check Now'.

How come that your prices our cheaper than others while your products are very high quality?

We are the Manufacturer and the Wholesaler. We make all our products by ourselves, sell directly to our customer and wholesale to other retailers, so when you buy directly from us, the prices are missing the FAT Retail Margin.

Lounges Q & A:

What materials are used to build the lounges and sofas?

Please visit our construction page to view detailed information about the materials used to build our lounges and sofas.

Do you custom make lounges and sofas?

Most of our lounges and sofas are made to order. This means that you can order as many seats and/or any other modules to be added to your lounge to suit your room. Depending on the model, more options, add-ons and upgrades are available to choose from to design the lounge / sofa of your dreams. Please contact us for more information.

How do i care for my lounge / sofa?


  • Make sure that your lounge / sofa is away from food preparation area, heaters, fire places, firepits and direct sunlight to avoid gradual daily fading, discolouration and damage to your furniture.
  • In case of moving your sofa, don’t try to carry or lift it by the soft padding (cushion) sewn to the armrest or move your sofa by dragging it around. The best way is to lift it from the base.
  • Do you occasionally sit on your sofa’s armrests? If so, stop! The armrests or your lounge/sofa are not designed to support a human’s bodyweight.
  • Do not allow children to jump on your lounge / sofa.
  • Try not to sit too far forward on your seat cushions. Sit back and distribute your weight evenly to stop creases from forming in the leather or fabric upholstery.


  • Vacuum Thoroughly.
  • Spot Clean Where Necessary.
  • Alternate Your Choice of Seat.
  • Get Your Lounge / Sofa Professionally Cleaned.
  • Be Careful With Pets.


Weekly Care:

Vacuum once a week. Wipe over the lounge once a week with a chamois dampened in water.

Quarterly Care (3 months):

It is recommended to apply an industry approved leather care kit every 3 months, depending on the environment the lounge in.

To read more about our care instructions, please visit care page.


Mattresses Q & A:

What are the standard dimensions of the mattresses?

All Sydney Furniture Direct Mattresses are made to Australian standard sizes as below: (Width x Length – in cm)

  • Single – 92 x 188
  • King single – 106 x 203
  • Double – 137 x 188
  • Queen – 153 x 203
  • King – 183 x 203

What type of base suits our mattresses?

Our mattresses are designed for a slat or platform base. Please ensure that slats are no more than 8cm apart, and are at least 9cm wide.

On some bed frames we recommend using a centre rail or support for Double, Queen and King size mattresses.

Note: when using a “posture slat” or an old base, you may experience sagging in the middle as a result of the base. Always keep in mind that the mattress will follow the contour of the base.

What materials are used in our mattresses?

We only use all new quality materials to produce our products. These include but not limited to:

  • Moisture resistance springs – reduces the chance of rust.
  • High density foams – provides lasting resilience and support.
  • Edge supports – increases the usable sleeping surface of the mattress.
  • Quality ticking – ensures a durable sleeping surface.

How do I care for my mattress?


It is imperative to keep your mattress hygienic by using a mattress protector. This will help prevent the mattress from absorbing bodily fluids, and provides a removable surface that you can regularly wash. 

As far as the mattress surface goes, a regular low suction vacuum is sufficient.

NOTE: If your mattress has handles, these are only for positioning and are not designed to hold the entire weight of the mattress.

Non-Pillow Top Double Sided Mattress: 

Turning (end to end and flipping over) your mattress regularly will ensure that your mattress experiences even wear. When new, we recommend turning your mattress every 2 weeks for the first 4 months, then every 3 months thereafter.

Pillow Top Mattress: 

It is not necessary to flip over a pillow top mattress as they have what is called “no turn technology.”

When new, we recommend turning your pillow top from end to end every 2 weeks for the first 4 months, then every 3 months thereafter.

What is a “sleep impression”?

You may notice an indentation in the surface of your mattress, especially just after exiting the bed. This is called a sleep impression. This is the comfort and support layers conforming to your body shape to provide the best support. This not a manufacturing defect.


Do you offer Delivery?


We offer a convenient Free of Charge mattress, mattress base and bed frames delivery service to Sydney Metro areas (our interpretation.

For lounges and sofas, delivery & installation service is available from just $70.

Our delivery and installation service is available to the following areas:

  • Sydney (including Penrith, Campbelltown, Richmond, Hills District).
  • Blue mountains (up to Katoomba).
  • Wollongong- Central Coast – New Castle.
For more information about delivery to your area, visit our Delivery Info page, enter your postcode and click ‘Check Now’

Placing an order is easy. We only ask for a deposit to start on your order.

We accept orders: 

Online - simply follow the stages above to select: 1. Configuration

2. Select your colour, and then any other available options and CLICK Add to Cart.

3. Once in the cart, it will display the total price for your configuration, and if happy to proceed click on the Checkout button.

4. Once your details are entered you will proceed through the Shipping & Payment pages and finally the Check Order page.

5. Check your order and then click on Confirm Order to submit. You will receive an automated confirmation email.

6. Once your order has been processed by a team member, we will you another email with your order's details to confirm.

For configuration and options that are not listed online, please order via:

Phone - prepare the following:

1. The model name of the lounge you wish to order.

2. The configuration you need eg. 3 seater with end recliners & 2 recliner chairs

3. What you would like the lounge upholstered in eg. fabric, leather where it counts, full leather OR full thick leather

4. The colour

5. Your details - Name, Delivery address, phone number and email address

6. Our team will process your order and email you an order confirmation with our banking details and the required deposit. We don't accept any payments over the phone.

Email - send us an email at: with the order's details (Model's name, configuration, upholstery, add-ons and/or upgrades), your details (Full Name, Address and Contact number). One of our team members will process your order and email you an order confirmation with our banking details and the required deposit.

Visit our Showroom - Visit our contact us page to get our showroom details and come and visit us! 

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