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Hand wiping a leather lounge with a microfibre cloth

Lounge & Sofa Care

Lounge & sofa care, in this article we will provide valuable information on how to maintain your lounge or sofa to avoid any issues.

Your fabric or leather lounge will look best and last for far longer if you invest a little bit of your time into taking care of it.

As your cushions work hard to give you and your family a comfortable place to relax together, they can start to look baggy and worn out without the proper care.
If you stick to a simple daily routine, they’ll be softer for longer.

Lounge & Sofa care:

Plump and Reverse Cushions:

Scatter cushions

Plump up fibre-filled cushions every day to help them to retain their shape and look always fresh. To do this effectively, hit them on all sides and drop them onto a clean floor to get some air back into them and try to move the filling back into the centre. Also remember to swap your cushions around including the seat cushions, if removable. This way your sofa will wear more slowly and evenly, keeping it’s good shape longer.

Clean stains, spots or spills before they settle in:

Wine spilled on a fabric cushion

Any spills, even water spills, should always be tackled right away.  This may seem obvious but many of our customers admit they often postpone cleaning spills from their lounges. We know, that after a long day at work, taking care of the spill on the couch is the last thing you want to do. But surely, it’s worth the effort. When you take care of spills right away, you lower their chance of turning into permanent stains. You can do this, first by soaking up any excess liquid with a clean, dry cloth, and then by spot-cleaning the area. Make sure to choose a quality upholstery care product for your fabric/leather and keep them within reach in case you need them in an emergency. If you use the wrong product on your sofa, you could risk damaging the material. Check with the store at time of purchase to see which product we recommend for your lounge.

Vacuum Thoroughly:

Vacuum cleaner used on a fabric seat cushion

One of the most effective ways to keep your cushions looking smart is to vacuum your lounge thoroughly using the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Carefully run it over the lounge and take your time to lift cushions and vacuum underneath. If there are some small particles trapped in the creases of your sofa try your best not to miss them as they will deteriorate the fabric over time. Keep in mind that leather lounges also need a good vacuuming over time. Dust and dirt can make the upholstery age faster and contribute to the dull look of the material. We recommend using a low setting and a soft brush attachment to avoid damaging the upholstery.

Wipe Clean:

Hand wiping a leather lounge with a microfibre cloth

For leather lounges, wipe your cushions down every week or 2 weeks with a clean microfibre, damp cloth. This will remove any general dust and dirt that has built up and stop any gradual staining.

Don’t sit on the armrests:

A person sitting on the sofa's armrest

Do you occasionally sit on your sofa’s armrests? If so, stop! The armrests of your lounge aren’t designed to support a human’s bodyweight and will quickly begin to sag.
Also, try not to sit too far forward on your sofa’s seat cushions. Sit back and distribute your weight evenly to stop creases from forming in the leather or fabric upholstery.


Sun coming through a window

Make sure that your lounge is away from food preparation area and direct sunlight to avoid gradual daily damage to cushions.

Get your sofa professionally cleaned:

Professional lounge cleaning

The service includes high-grade equipment and powerful solutions in order to remove dirt, dust, stains and to deep-clean your sofa. We recommend a professional sofa cleaning once or twice a year.

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