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LeoDura® Scratch Resistant Fabric

LeoDura® Scratch Resistant Fabric

LeoDura is the best fabric option in the Australian market so far, to know why, please keep reading.

Upholstery is one of the main parts of any lounge, sofa, or chair, but which upholstery option is best? Is it leather? some will say yes! Leather is easy to clean but on the other hand, it is more expensive. Is it fabric? well, it is certainly affordable, but it is not as easy to maintain compared to leather. Sharp objects & pets can damage both fabric and leather, so are there any other options? Our answer here at Sydney Furniture Direct is YES!

LeoDura® fabric is made using a new innovative technology which will eliminate all the problems that all of us are facing with the common upholstery options. In addition, this fabric is really elegant and available in many stylish modern colours.

LeoDura® fabric has the following features:

  • Scratch resistant.
  • Easy to clean (washable).
  • Breathable.
  • Affordable.

Watch the video below which illustrates the features of this hi-tech fabric. Click here to watch on Youtube

LeoDura Scratch resistant Fabric:

LeoDura fabric is more durable than standard fabrics and can resist most scratches from pets or sharp objects better than standard fabrics. However, it’s important to note that it is not completely scratch-proof and can still be damaged by pets or sharp objects.

Easy to clean:

The benefits of having washable fabrics on your upholstered furniture are obvious; they are easier to clean, as they can by wiped off with a dry or damp cloth, also they last longer. These features make them especially friendly for heavy use family room sofas, lounges, recliners & lift chairs.


It allows air to circulate throughout.


Don’t pay leather price! Get this elegant stylish fabric at affordable unbeatable prices here at Sydney Furniture Direct. 

LeoDura scratch resistant fabric is really the best fabric upholstery option available in the Australian market so far. This fabric can be used on our sofas and lounge that can be made in fabric. If you are interested in getting more information you can contact us 

**LeoDura fabric exhibits resistance to specific liquids within the initial 10 seconds, earning it the designation of being semi-liquid and semi-stain proof. However, beyond this timeframe, the fabric’s breathable nature allows spillage absorption, leading to stain formation.**


Many stylish modern colours to choose from


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