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General Care

It is essential to regularly maintain and clean your furniture to ensure that your new lounge / sofa lasts. Therefore, we strongly recommend using the following care guides and easy tips to help you best maintain the life and appearance of your lounge or sofa, so you can relax and enjoy it for years to come.

  • Make sure that your lounge / sofa is away from food preparation area, heaters, fire places, firepits and direct sunlight to avoid gradual daily fading, discolouration and damage to your furniture.
  • In case of moving your sofa, don’t try to carry or lift it by the soft padding (cushion) sewn to the armrest or move your sofa by dragging it around. The best way is to lift it from the base.
  • Do you occasionally sit on your sofa’s armrests? If so, stop! The armrests or your lounge/sofa are not designed to support a human’s bodyweight.
  • Do not allow children to jump on your lounge / sofa.
  • Try not to sit too far forward on your seat cushions. Sit back and distribute your weight evenly to stop creases from forming in the leather or fabric upholstery.

Fabric Care

  •  Vacuum Thoroughly:
    We recommend weekly vacuuming using low setting and a soft brush attachment to avoid damaging the upholstery.
  • Spot Clean Where Necessary:
    Clean stains, spots or spills before they settle in. Use a good quality fabric cleaner and follow the instructions printed on the bottle.
  • Alternate Your Choice of Seat:
    For the best and most even wear, we recommend not to favour one seat.
  • Get Your Lounge / Sofa Professionally Cleaned:
    We recommend a professional sofa cleaning once or twice a year.
  • Pilling Is Not A Fault:
    Pilling can occur occasionally as a result of normal daily wear and it is not considered as a fault. Pilling is a natural feature and does not affect the durability of the fabric; it is caused by loose micro yarns making their way out of the weaves. It can be removed using a de-pilling machine (available from most haberdashery stores).
  • Be Careful With Pets Around Your Sofa:
    Pets can damage your lounge through oil residue from their fur. Claws and chew marks, all of which are not covered under warranty.

Leather Care

Leather will stretch and develop creases and wrinkles over time as it is being used. Our leather is 100% cowhide and is therefore a completely natural product – like timber – which sets it apart from other artificial materials with its growth marks, whip scars and grain variation.

Weekly Care:

Vacuum once a week to keep the leather pores free from dust and lint. We would also recommend purchasing a quality chamois (only use it on your leather lounge) and wipe over the lounge once a week with the chamois dampened in water.

Quarterly Care (3 months):

In order to retain the softness and attractiveness of your leather lounge, it is recommended that an industry approved leather care kit, usually includes a leather cleaner bottle & leather conditioner/protector bottle, be applied. The frequency of application depends on the environment that the furniture is in. We recommend that to be done every 3 months.

The accumulation of body hair, oil, grime,…etc which occur naturally in human skin will damage and discolour the surface of your upholstery if left uncleaned. It is important to vacuum and clean your upholstery following the aforementioned steps.

Always clean along any creases that have developed and pay attention to areas that come in contact with the skin, such as headrests, armrests and seat cushions.

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